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What is the recloser?

A Recloser ( someone call it autorecloser or auto circuit reloser ie. ACR or Reclosure) is a class of switchgear equipped with current and voltage sensors and protection relay(controller)  which is designed for use on overhead electricity distribution network (ie. Secondary distribution grid).

According to different using installation, Recloser can be classified as:

Pole mounted recloser

Pad mount recloser

Outdoor recloser

Indoor recloser

Single phase recloser

Three phase recloser

According to different network character using purpose, Recloser can be classified as:

ANSI standard auto recloser (ANSI/IEEE C37.60)

IEC standard auto recoser (IEC62271-111)

China GB standard auto recloser (GB 25284-2010 12kV~40.5kV)

Indoor switchgear auto recloser (IEC 62271-200 standard)

TANESCO standard Auto recloser

SEC standard auto recloser

KPLC standard auto recloser

ESKOM standard auto recloser

BPC standard auto recloser

TNB standard auto recloser

BREB standard auto recloser etc.......

According to different insulation technology, Recloser can be classified as:

Oil type auto recloser (The oldest technology)

Gas insulated type auto recloser (Main SF6 gas)

Solid insulated type auto recloser (Main epoxy resin)

Composite insulation type auto recloser (Main silicone rubber coating)

According to different grid automation technology, Recloser can be classified as:

WIFI controlling auto recloser

Bluetooth controlling auto recloser

GPRS/GSM controlling auto recloser

Mobile APP platform auto recloser

SCADA platform auto recloser etc,..

What is recloser operating voltage rating for network using?

ANSI standard: 15.5kV, 27kV, 38kV

IEC standard: 12kV, 15kV, 24kV, 36kV

GB standard: 12kV, 24kV, 40.5kV

Others: 6.3kV,..........52kV

What is recloser operating current rating for network using?

Normal current rating:

400A,630A,800A,....... 1250A.

Short circuit current rating:

8kA,12.5kA, 16kA, 20kA,..... 25kA.

What is the Rockwill's Recloser?

ROCKWILL, The ISO certificated professional manufacturer, with more than 10 years design and manufacturing experience, All Rockwill’s auto recloser is qualified by third party laboratories like: KEMA, CESI, KERI, XIHARI,...... Rockwill the one of the leading manufacturer of world, the Major player from china for world class MV products manufacturing, We provides with the world full range optional recloser:

1, Economical auto recloser, The very simple recloser which is HV breaker equipped with CT and Relay protection.

2, IEC standard Auto recloser and ANSI standard Recloser

3, Customized make auto recloser (Per special required)


Nowdays, Rockwill's auto recloser is running service for  more than 89 countries and gains good reputation with our partner.

Sales reference and certificates pls check with our business department.

Wikipedia Paper

Copy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In electric power distribution, automatic circuit reclosers (ACRs) are a class of switchgear which is designed for use on overhead electricity distribution networks to detect and interrupt momentary faults. Also known as Reclosers or Autoreclosers, ACRs are essentially high voltage rated circuit breakers with integrated current and voltage sensors and a protection relay, optimized for use as an overhead network distribution protection asset. Commercial ACRs are governed by the ANSI/IEEE C37.60, IEC 62271-111 and IEC 62271-200 standards. The three major classes of operating voltage are 15.5 kV, 27 kV and 38 kV.

For overhead distribution networks, the majority of faults are transient, such as lightning strike, surges or foreign objects coming into contact with the exposed distribution lines. By this logic, 80% of outages can be resolved by a simple close operation. Reclosers are designed to handle a short close-open duty cycle, where electrical engineers can optionally configure the number of attempted close operations prior to transitioning to a lockout stage.

Reclosers are often used as a key component in a smart grid, as they are effectively computer controlled switchgear which can be remotely operated and interrogated using SCADA or other communications. This capability allows utilities to aggregate data about their network performance, and develop automation schemes for power restoration. This automation can either be distributed (executed at the remote recloser level) or centralized (close and open commands issued by a central control room to be executed by remotely controlled ACRs).

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