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Auto Recloser
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What is the Auto recloser? 

Auto recloser ie. Auto circuit recloser or Automatic recloser, Autorecloser, auto reclosure which is a recloser switch ( ie. High voltage Switchgear which integrated CT/PT/VS) equipped with protection relay controller to detect and interrupt momentary faults automatically.

For overhead distribution networks, the majority of faults are transient, such as lightning strike, surges or foreign objects coming into contact with the exposed distribution lines.

By this logic, 80% of outages can be resolved by a simple close operation. Reclosers are designed to handle a short close-open duty cycle, where electrical engineers can optionally configure the number of attempted close operations prior to transitioning to a lockout stage.

So people say recloser which are often used as a key component in a smart grid, as they are effectively computer controlled switchgear which can be remotely operated and interrogated using SCADA or other communications. it donest means recloser switch unit only, so auto recloser it must be complete set of recloser switch unit with protection relay unit computer controller, its capability allows utilities to aggregate data about their network performance, and develop automation schemes for power restoration. This automation can either be distributed (executed at the remote recloser level) or centralized (close and open commands issued by a central control room to be executed by remotely controlled ACRs).

And to achieve standard operating duty and specified functions with communication protocol and communication interface like RS232, RS485, RJ45 port ready, more further demands like GPRS/GSM module, WIFI interface,.........

Thus, The most importance technology of auto recloser is from Recloser controller side, like protection formula curves, protection logic, communication, big data, software is necessary,....

Moreover, recloser switch unit character is also limited for matching with controller, for example of some recloser switch unit can not be used because of operating sequence is not standard (there is different of HV breaker and recloser switch).

Besides, Another technology challenge is how to treatment the Voltage and current signal and choose a proper mechanism.

The standard auto recloser must follow and equipped with below functions:

1, Standard protection relays (Mandatory request at minimum request)

As Per standard of IEC 60255,GB/T 14285,ANSI/IEEE C37.

2, Standard operating sequence (Mandatory request at minimum request)

As Per standard of IEC62271-111, ANSI/IEEE C37.60.

3, Standard operating zone coordination (Mandatory request at minimum request)

As Per standard of IEC62271-111, ANSI/IEEE C37.60.

4, Standard Protection formula curves (Additional request)

As per IEC/ANSI curves standard.

5, Standard communication protocol and interface device, programable Software,SCADA,etc,...

6, More not in list,........


Nowdays, Rockwill's auto recloser is running service for  more than 89 countries and gains good reputation with our partner.

Sales reference and certificates pls check with our business department.

More information pls check with:

Wikipedia Paper

Auto recloser knowledge pick from Wikipedia

In order to prevent damage, each station along the network is protected with circuit breakers or fuses which will turn off power in the event of a short circuit. This presents a major problem when dealing with transient events. For instance, a tree limb blown off a tree during a windstorm that lands on the power line may cause a short circuit that could cause damage. However, the fault could quickly clear itself as the limb falls to the ground. If the only protection system is provided by breakers at distribution substations, large areas of the distribution network could be blacked out while repair crews reset the breakers. Reclosers are programmed to automate the reset process and allow a more granular approach to service restoration. The result is increased availability of supply.


Reclosers address this problem by further dividing up the network into smaller sections. For instance, the city grid example above might be equipped with reclosers at every branch point on the network. Reclosers, because of their upstream position in the network, handle much less power than the breakers at the feeder stations, and therefore can be set to trip at much lower power levels. This means that a single event on the grid will cut off only the section handled by a single recloser, long before the feeder station would notice a problem.


Modern recloser installations are often equipped with SCADA communications, allowing the majority of reclosers to be remotely operated by staff in the utility control room. This allows for re-switching the network, as operators can use information provided by the reclosers in the field to reconfigure the distribution network if a fault is detected in the field, or to fix load flow issues. Remote control of reclosers also saves significant operational expenditure, as it can reduce the necessity of field crews to travel to site to reset devices which have transitioned to lockout.